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atelier 1

STUDIO 1 – SM Apartment 

Vermietung ist jeweils von Montag bis Montag
Ausnahmen sind natürlich nach Absprache möglich

Apartment 1 has its own flair with its three rooms of approx. 80 square meters - a perfect symbiosis of the senses.

The large SM area with 30 sqm provides a relaxed and at the same time crackling erotic atmosphere and invites you to play.

A private, intimate and relaxed atmosphere will make it easy for you to express your wildest fetish fantasies.

Immersed in black and red, this room unfolds its very own pulsating atmosphere.

Red like the rushing blood, like sin and the forbidden. Here your longings, your lust, your horniness and your passion blossom. – Lust and vice merge here into a single intoxication of the senses.


With its equipment and diverse SM play equipment, many wishes can be fulfilled. From the classic St. Andrew's cross, punishment bench, bondage lounger, gyn chair, ceiling beams and chains ...

Apartment Info

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • 1st floor (elevator)

  • complete area 68 sqm

  • SM area 20 sqm

  • an overnight room

  • fully equipped kitchen

  • bathroom with a shower

  • in the bathroom | washing machine, dryer  



Weekly rental ( MON to MON )

CHF 1,150 plus withholding tax

Wochenmiete - komplett  900,- CHF
Tagesmiete - 150,- CHF (ab drei Tage)

* * * 

|| Bereich Wohnen | Arbeiten - 1 Zimmer
Wochenmiete - komplett  800,- CHF
Tagesmiete - 140,- CHF (ab drei Tage)

* * * 

Die Quellensteuer wird jeweils extra
berechnet falls erforderlich

This is where the special kind of experience begins – sensitive and sadistic at the same time. Here your desire is increased to the maximum with well-dosed pain.


A bed with fixing beams and chains at the head end allows for pleasurable moments in addition to the SM playground.


There is also a fully equipped kitchen with a large fridge, kettle, microwave, lots of accessories (dishes, pots, pans, cutlery...) Washing machine and dryer are also available in the bathroom.


Apartment 1 and Apartment 2 are on one floor.

Right on the main street between Sonnenplatzplatz and Seetalplatz. It is a residential and commercial building in which private individuals also live. 

There are enough parking spaces in front of the door. 200 meters further is the "GERSA" multi-storey car park

Perfect for 2 tenants

In the apartment there is  TWO rooms to stay overnight, each with a bed (200 x 140)

Of course there is WiFi in the entire area.  

Each room is lockable with its own TV.

The rent includes towels in different sizes, complete bedding, bed linen, various cleaning products, washing powder, toilet paper, paper rolls, hand soap and cleaning service every Monday.

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